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As I was reading a novel during “downtime” this weekend, I ran across this insidious comment, made by the protagonist,

“Despite the rituals, the rhetoric, and even the bombs, every religion is saying mostly the same thing… The Torah, the Bible, the Koran. Each offers a recipe for spiritual contentment, for hope, for love… “

Etc., in the same vein. Pardon my bluntness (or not; I really don’t care), but that’s just pure bullshit.

Compare the lives and teachings of the founders of just two of the religions mentioned above. On the one hand, a man who counseled his followers to love their enemies, who said that a man who lusted for a woman to whom he was not married committed adultery; on the other a man who personally ordered the murder, enslavement and plunder of thousands, and who engaged in the most exaggerated forms of sexual gluttony and perversions.

People who commit horrendous acts of mass murder, rape, torture and slavery in the name of the founder of Christianity do so in direct and blatant disregard for the life and teachings of the one whom they claim to follow; that is, they are liars and the truth is not in them.

People who commit horrendous acts of mass murder, rape, torture and slavery in the name of the founder of Islam are simply being good disciples of the Butcher of Medina, who himself committed–and ordered committed–horrendous acts of mass murder, rape, torture and slavery. (And those “peaceful” Muslims who do not overtly engage in such behavior or actively aide in such endeavors are liars, either by commission–claiming Islam is a religion of peace”–or ommission, not actively and openly and honestly admitting that their “prophet” was a monster.)

There is a difference. Those who seek “spiritual contentment, hope and love” by faithfully and genuinely following the life and teachings of Mohammed by seeking to follow his example in brutal oppression of others are not the same as the followers of the Nazarene.

It really is that simple, and people who refuse to make the distinction are unlikely to see a distinction between any other examples of good and evil either.

Just a reminder.

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36 Replies to “Just a Reminder/Linkfest”

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  4. ah thanks for the reminder though Lord knows I don’t need it..ha!
    great rant as always! :)yea the Musslims are just like the
    Amish and Muuuuuuhamad was just like Moses or Jesus…NOT!

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