T-13, 1.29: Thirteen Lessons from Politicians *spit*

[NOTE: the link on #11 is fixed and now points to, “How to Avoid Going to Jail under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001 for Lying to Government Agents”]

“The funny thing about life is that it is a schoolroom in reverse. It gives the tests first and the lessons afterward.”

[Warning: not exactly a “happy” T-13. *sigh*]

13. A. A politician’s *spit* list for “How to Boil a Frog.”
Q. The following items (among others) are found in a “how to” list for what? Misapply the Fourteenth Amendment; “Interstate Commerce” means anything we want it to mean; “Equal Rights” means discrimination in favor of select “minorities”; “cultural diversity” means suppression of the culture that made the U.S. strong, productive and free…

12. A. TSA, et al.
Q. How do you transform citizens into subjects?

11. A. Fifth Amendment rights? What Fifth Amendment rights?
Q. When innocent, how can one still manage to stay out of jail when questioned by LEOs?

10. A. The lesson taught by the Martha Stewart case.
Q. What is, “Do not cooperate with Federal investigators”? (See #11)

9. A. The lesson taught by Waco.
Q. More firepower and ammunition; thicker walls/better bunkers; artillery!; save the women and children, cos you never can tell when the feebs will want to toast their flesh over (in!) a roaring flame…

8. A. The lesson taught by Ruby Ridge.
Q. Never “threaten” a remote, hidden, body-armored sniper with a woman holding a baby. She’s a deader if you do.

7. A. C.
Q. What’s three feet tall with a stench that will knock a starving buzzard off an offal wagon at 50 yards?
a.) an unsealed container of mostly-decomposed medical waste.
b.) raw rewage.
c.) a Congressional appropriations bill

6. A. That silly sh*t-eating grin.
Q. What do dung beetles and congresscritters have in common?

5. A. There’s a difference?
Q. What’s the difference between a murdering, savage, liar, thief, rapist and slaver and a genuine, observant Muslim?

4. A. They’re the ones stabbing the U.S. in the back.
Q. How can you discern the true friends and loyal allies of the U.S.?

3. A. To hire and pay government workers. (What? You thought it was to be public servants? Bwahahahahahahahaha!)
Q. What’s the mission of government bureaucracies?

2. A. To keep their cushy positions so they don’t have to go to work in a real job.
Q. What is the goal of politicians *spit*?

1. A.“¿Hablan español?”
Q. “Do you, our elected representatives, intend to ignore the express will of the vast majority of the elctorate and erase the sovereignty of the U.S.?”

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