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I recieved an email from Alan Woody (who used to blog at Woody’s News and Views) that points up much of what is rotten in our society today *sigh*

A Circuit City employee spots some Muslim men behaving suspiciously and notifies the authorities. Turns out the men were terrorist-wannabe’s plotting to attack a US military base and murder military personnel and/or their families. Now the Circuit City employee might be sued [for] “violating constitutional rights or for racial discrimination”! No kidding… the citizen who saved the lives of our troops and their families could be sued for it.

We need to wake up people! The terrorists are using our own system against us and half of us are sitting back and letting them do it while the other half unwittingly (?) helps them. Here’s a reality check that I think everybody should read and pass along:

With Woody, I strongly recommend reading Reality Check: My Two Cents Worth… and passing it on.

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3 Replies to “Reality Check”

  1. By itself it certainly won’t shift world opinion, but the apathy of many Americans to get involved really annoys me more on days like today or this weekend.
    Spent the better part of the weekend contacting members of Congress and went to a city council meeting tonite to speak out about the town fathers intention to pass an ordinance to penalize employers for hiring illegal immigrants.
    While there were plenty speaking before the council from both sides of the issue, it was gratifying to have someone shake my hand as I left an hear others voice their approval.
    Wake up Americans and protect and preserve your country lest those who wish you harm take the advantage from your apathy.

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