It’s the Little Joys (and Weekend Linkfest)

After the late freezes toward the end of April, each sub-freezing temps at night accompanied by low temps during the day, I had feared for the two little volunteer maple trees that had sprung up last year. And indeed, they did look woefully ravaged–budding leaves blackened and fallen.

But no fear. Life can be remarkably resiliant. Both have become flush with growth in just the last couple of warm, wet (and sunny!) days. Not only that, but what greeted my eyes? A gift from a helpful squirrel! Yes! That is a walnut tree!


Of course, I’ll have to find a new home, sometime after Fall, for one of the maples and for the walnut–all three are far too close together for a mature grouping. But that can wait, since right now, they are fortuitously situated for what protection from the elements young trees may need while still also nicely situated in rich soil and for light and water.

Twenty or so years down the road, some future homeowner will get the benefit of their mature beauty. And I can enjoy husbanding them while I can.

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