Haul Down the Flag, Boys!/Weekend Linkfest

Vicente Fox’s lapdog is, of course, now Felipe Calderon’s lapdog. You know the Republic’s in for hard times defending its sovreignty when discord breaks out between the White House and Teddy Kennedy, because Kennedy’s proposed legislation is too tough on illegals…


As Fred Thompson said recently while sitting in for Paul Harvey,

I think its time for a little plain talk to the leaders of Mexico. Something like:

hey guys, you’re our friends and neighbors and we love you but it’s time you had a little dose of reality. A sovereign nation loses that status if it cannot secure its own borders and we are going to do whatever is necessary to do so, although our policies won’t be as harsh as yours are along your southern border. And criticizing the U.S. for alternately doing too much and too little to stop your illegal activities is not going to set too well with Americans of good will who are trying to figure a way out of the mess that your and our open borders policy has already created.My friends, it’s also time for a little introspection. Since we all agree that improving Mexico’s economy will help with the illegal-immigration problem, you might want to consider your own left-of -center policies. For example, nationalized industries are not known for enhancing economic growth. Just a thought. But here’s something even more to the point that you might want to think about: What does it say about the leadership of a country when that country’s economy and politics are dependent upon the exportation of its own citizens?

Mexico is phenomenally wealthy in natural resources–at least as wealthy per capita as the U.S., and perhaps even more so. So why is it still an “emerging country”? Quite simply because of the4 greedy ricos who run the place. It’s time we stopped playing Daddy Warbucks for the ricos who run Mexico and practice a little “tough love” by letting them know, “No more free lunch, bubbas. It’s time you stopped sitting on that gold mine and started really working it.”

But that’s not a message you’ll hear from the tax (everyone but our class) and spend (on everyone except those who produce) politicians *spit* or from Vicente Fox’s lapdog now that he’s found a new master.

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  1. “Is it worth it” all depends on what you want/expect. Some traffic, perhaps, LOTS of good reads. I checked your blog out, and I suspect it may not benefit you all that much in traffic, simply because you’re not really set up to accomodate readers all that much. For one thing, ONLY Blogger folks can comment at your site. That’s a sure turnoff for some folks. And since you don’t have open trackbacking (or ANY trackbacking) enabled–it takes a hack that I’m not sure how to do on the “new” Blogger–you’d only be able to participate in half the linkfest game.

    But for me, it’s “worth it” because the combo of tracking back posts I want to make note of to others with others linking in to my linkfests keeps my reading list manageable (I seem to mostly read linked in articles, nowadays :-)) and allows me to promo a few of my own posts elsewhere.

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