I had a dream…

No, really, a dream. In this dream, all the hyphenated Americans were barking and snarling and having a big old dog fight. You know, kind of multiculturalism writ plainly.

“Dalmation Pride!”

“Jack Russell Terrior Pride”

“German Shepherd Pride”


On the periphery, jackals from the ‘”muslim pride” were picking off strays and Chihuahuas (those long-legged rats originally–I kid you not–bred for the stewpot) were eating all the hyphenated dogs’ food… Yeh, politicians *spit*

Mutts with no pretensions to being purebred were looking on and thinking all those phony purebreds (so-called) were forgetting that they were all just dogs and were getting picked off by the jackals and stolen blind by the fake dogs (the Chihuahuas) with tiny minds who’d never done a lick of honest work in their lives.

Disjointed, chaotic, all too real? Well, it was just a dream, wasn’t it?

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