Whoa! Dude! (Superbowl Blogging?)


Just woke from a much-needed Sunday afternoon nap and began cleaning up comments/trackbacks held in moderation. Saw one that reminded me that today is Superbowl Sunday.


Yeh, me, watch some other guys play a game? Not gonna happen. Boh-oh-oh-oh-ring. It’s kinda like a guy watching someone else kiss his girlfriend for him. Only pervs (no, not this kind) could get a charge outa that kinda action. “I like to watch” eh? *bleh* Armchair “athletics” just doesn’t float my boat. I’d rather read a book.

Almost any book.

Color me disinterested, if you will.

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3 Replies to “Whoa! Dude! (Superbowl Blogging?)”

  1. The Superbowl, dare I say pro football in general, is really stupid. Even though I did go to a Stupidbowl party I ended up just playing a game of Risk through most of it, that is since I didn’t really go to watch the game. I just went because of a chili cooking contest.

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