Pensées sur la scène de dépassement

Another one of those posts where I celebrate the demise of a few hundred thousand brain cells… semi-random thoughts on the passing scene, beginning with…

Someone reminded me recently of a time many, many years ago when I needed (*ack!*) to read Simone de Bouvier’s “The Second Sex”—an unwitting revelation of her abusive relationship with Jean paul Sartre—for an assigned paper and all the copies I could find in English translation were either too expensive to add to an already strained student’s budget or checked out of all the libraries I could find.

So I read the French version. Couldn’t do that, now, cos too many brain cells have died and been replaced by these incompetent, lazy things I now have. *heh*

Oh. Well. At least I could parse the title of this blogpost correctly. I think.

The Mad pidgeon does better than simply rehash the Marxist source of PC Newspeak in this post. (Yeh, Orwell was a prophet. He just got the year wrong.) Most folks who read here probably know the source of our society’s contemporary totalitarian PC thrust, but The Mad Pidgeon’s presentation is very, very good and worth a read even if the subject is not new to you. Kudos, MP.

*YAWN* Windows Vista’s cloudy outlook? Well, with the cost of the software half (or less!) of the total cost of upgrading, considering the high hardware overhead Vista really requires to access its “coolness factor” and additional DRM disabling of hardware functionality possible, it’s hardly any wonder folks are not stampeding to buy the thing. I know I’ll only have it installed on a new computer, purpose-built for testing and familiarization. And not any time real soon, either.

And what’s with the Apple Quicktime security hole patch? The “new” QT player that’s downloadable at the Apple site is 7.1.3, and after installation, it proudly proclaims there is no newer update. it lies. The patched version is 7.1.3.[some monstrous string of numbers], and a security scan of the computer I attempted to update for the patch reveals it ain’t patched, not at all, at all. Froze that computer attempting to redownload the thing yet again. And that’s a comp that never freezes… until interacting with this Apple sauce.

Apple stinks. Windows sucks dead bunnies through a straw. And Linux, try as it might, is still not quite there for Aunt Tilly’s desktop (but I’m glad to use it on this desktop while Ziggy goes through its first forced reboot in ages… *sigh*).

In England, “Students now required to declare parent’s degrees so they can be discriminated against.” h.t Harry Erwin. ”

Give it up, Nancy; you’re no Tippi Hedron.

The only way to stop digging yourself into a hole is to just stop digging. Seems simple enough, right? I mean, it’s insane to keep on doing the same things the same way when they’ve lost $658 million in one quarter, right? Try to tell that to the NYT. Yeh, I know it was “absorbing a loss” from some papers it aquired, but you’d think they’d know that up front. Where else were they making a profit? Very nearly nowhere, mon frère.

Another passing thought as I consider the William Arkin flap. The jerk is well and truly getting his just deserts in the outpouring of anger at his (disingenuously denied) call to the American military to STFU. Once again, a leftist confirms: “freedom of speech” means only “agree with the left” when spoken by one of the Newspeaking leftists. Read the paragraph that clued me into the fact that Arkin’s piece was intended to shut the troops up, no matter how he disingenuously proclaims his committment to free speech:

I’m all for everyone expressing their opinion, even those who wear the uniform of the United States Army. But I also hope that military commanders took the soldiers aside after the story and explained to them why it wasn’t for them to disapprove of the American people.

*huh*?!? He’s “all for everyone expressing their opinion” BUT military commanders should take “the soldiers aside after the story and [explain] to them why it wasn’t for them to disapprove of the American people.” Ignore for the moment the deceptive framing stating “disapprove of the American people”–where Arkin equates reportage by Mass Media Podpeople to “the American people.” Focus on the complete disavowal of freedom of speech he falsely claims to support in the first sentence with “[explain] to them why it wasn’t for them to disapprove of the American people.” Obviously, to Mr Arkin, “freedom of speech” when applied to military personnel means “freedom from speech”–just another lil lesson in Newspeak from the left.

And consider (it’s not such a wildly unrelated thought as you might at first think :-)):

“The state which separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools.”—Thucydides. Fortunately, most of our military are better-educated than the general population, and the officer corps, from the many I have known, better-educated than most college faculties. So, in our society, it’s the civilian population that tends to be dominated by cowardly, as well as poorer, thinking. Chew on that one, “C-” Jean Fraud Kerry.

Listen to, watch, read the “news” dropped on Americans daily–just now and then, if you can’t stand a daily dose of the posturing, primping and pontificating of Mass Media Podpeople. Now, tell me this: does a public that is so easily decieved by such transparent lies and twisting of truth, by tales told (by idiots, full of sound and fury… ) to decieve and manufacture outcomes antithetical to the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit (NOT guarantee) of happiness, does such and easily-decieved populace deserve the republic once left us by the Founders? Does such a populace deserve the “blood and toil and sweat and tears” of generations of patriots including those now serving our country in Iraq and Afganistan?

Obviously the answer is no. But then, if any of us got what we deserved, then we’d all be in a world of hurt… We must simply and humbly Just be glad for those generations of true patriots, including the current generation, and do whatever we can to honor their sacrifice by doing all we can to expose the lies of the Mass Media Podpeople, the politicians *spit* and all their ilk whose goals are to get their own before the country is driven to hell in a handbasket (by them).

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  1. Your comment re: “…our military are better-educated than the general population….,” and “officer corps…better-educated than most college faculties…”.

    Can’t you just imagine these young men and women sitting through 4+ years of extremely liberal thought and many times, intimidation? I’m sure, in the end, it makes them finer humans – as we witness daily through their heroic actions.


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  3. Ah…that happens to be one of mah Bibles.. Simone de Bouvier’s “The Second Sex”—..brilliant woman IMHO…ty for the link and the analysis! 🙂

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