Still No Power at twc/Open Trackbacks

Still no electric service @twc, though we do have water, now and things have warmed up to just above freezing, now. “Borrowing” some power 40 miles away to recharge WW’s notebook. Short shrift. Consider this open trackback post open until further notice.

My thanks to blogbuds who’re keeping the doors open here @twc. Angel, Curt and Kat (in alphabetical order :-)) are lifesavers. Thanks, guys!

If you have a linkfest/open trackback post to promote OR if you simply want to promote a post via the linkfests/open trackback posts others are offering, GO TO LINFEST HAVEN DELUXE! Just CLICK the link above or the graphic immediately below.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

If you want to host your own linkfests but have not yet done so, check out the Open Trackbacks Alliance. The FAQ there is very helpful in understanding linkfests/open trackbacks.

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