“Tending the garden”

While it’s easy, this close to an admittedly important election, to concentrate on political events that will have an effect on the War to Preserve Civilization, it’s also important to check ourselves to see what we believe (no, not “believe” as in “I believe the Yankees will win ______”; believe as in, what informs and compels our true assent in our deeds) and why.

Here’s a kick in the pants:

“Most of us look in Abraham’s direction and long. Job’s response is easier. I certainly couldn’t play Abraham in front of a flamefaced child. We’re all heads-down, counting mint and anise and cummin, while the Trinity puts on this amazing opera of history. Oh, to have the instincts of Abraham. To be quick enough to recognize the dangerousness of God in the face of evil and respond in awe: `Dammit. You’re going to raise him from the dead, aren’t you?’ ” –Douglas Jones, “Playing with Knives: God the DangerousCredenda Agenda, Volume 16, Issue 3

Hie thee to Credenda Agenda and strengthen your foundations. Even if the strength comes from arguing with Doug Jones, Doug Wilson, Duck Schuler and the others, you’ll come away having done some real thinking. Jared Miller’s article, “Schools, Secularism, and Slippery Slopes” is a clear exposition of the dangers to society when schools make religious expression forbidden. Just read it. It’s not necessarily what you think…

And who, having once been exposed, could live without the ultimate curmudgeonly commentary, “The Cave of Adullum”?

“Umm . . .
Someone sent on to us a fundraising letter from, er, a somewhat specialized charitable organization. This organization is dedicated to the noble goal of preventing the National Park Service from torturing donkeys in the Mojave Desert. And we quote, “Please— the innocent donkeys of the West are being tortured . We can save them together. Please rush your DEMAND FOR SAFE HAVEN FOR BURROS back today—along with the most caring gift you can spare to save their lives!”

Underlining and caps are all from the original. The problem is that this is from California (surprise!), and their governor is pro-choice. Nothing we can do.”

Just go.

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