Monday’s OTP \ Laptop Woes

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I hate working on laptops.

Lovely Daughter’s (out-of-warranty) Sony Vaio is a nice lil computer. Suits her needs to a “T” and has been ultra reliable for her.

Will not power on.

Haven’t seen it yet, but among the likely candidates one candidate is a standout: loose or bad (or corroded or otherwise damaged) power jack.

Have I mentioned I hate working on laptops? Especially the tiny lil ones like this Vaio that have really squirrely access procedures and teensy-tiny work spaces for sausage fingers.

Oh, well. If it’s the power jack, at least it’ll be relatively simple and easily accessed, for this computer at least. “Relatively” being the operational word. And it’s not as though I’d be spattering the mobo with all kindsa solder or anything. *heh*

I can hardly wait.

Have I mentioned I hate working on laptops?


Oh, well, for Lovely Daughter, nearly anything, of course.

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26 Replies to “Monday’s OTP \ Laptop Woes”

  1. I can’t stand messing with laptops in any way, shape or form. LOL I’m so used to this Microsoft ergonomic keyboard even regular keyboards are tough for me, let alone those itty bitty ones on a laptop.

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  6. I hear ya, Diane. I have trouble with the “full sized” keyboard on my Wonder Woman’s Toshiba (though I love the gorgeous display). Lovely Daughter’s notebook is one of those superslim, lil bitties. Wonderful for her. Suits her to a “T” as I said. But man, I have to watch every lil key I press.

    Then there’s opening the thing… Worse than some early “clones” of IBM PCs… Much worse. Tiny lil fragile catches and hidden releases, all in obscure locations, etc.

    Oh, well. If it were easy everybody’d be doing it. (Oh, the do… and I get to clean up their messes, more often than not. “You’ve tried to fix this yourself already, haven’t you? OK, that’ll be extra for not laughing.” :-))

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