We’re baaaack /OTP

Apologies for the downtime. “Internal Server Error” aused lack of access, yesterday. More below. THIS is an open trackbacks post, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Link to THIS post and track back. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have a linkfest/open trackback post to promote OR if you simply want to promote a post via the linkfests/open trackback posts others are offering, GO TO LINFEST HAVEN DELUXE! Just CLICK the link above or the graphic immediately below.

Linkfest Haven, the Blogger's Oasis

If you want to host your own linkfests but have not yet done so, check out the Open Trackbacks Alliance. The FAQ there is very helpful in understanding linkfests/open trackbacks.

Apologies to anyone who attempted a trackback in the last day. Send failed tbs to me for me to include in a hard-linked roundup this weekend, OK?

Well, I know I shoulda asked Mama Diane*s*, first, but I jumped on a hosting package from [the Unamed Hosting Service] and followed through with specific directions from the friendly doof at Fatcow support (to make sure I did things their way). And the problems began piling up.


I’m back on “temporary” hosting at the “old” hosting account (not mine, a generous gift), and everything is temporarily OK, pending some “Level 2 Techs” at [the Unamed Hosting Service] finding someone competent to fix their server issues. Yeh, I have the emails from “Level 2 Techs” saying the problem IS fixed (though it was not). (And I have the error log showing where they didn’t competently do what they said they had done.) Lesson learned: NEVER switch a domain over until EVERTHING is confirmed to work properly. Silly me. But I did have some fun chewing new orifices for some folks who tried bullshitting me over the phone.

Clouds, silver linings and all that. All grist for a curmudgeon.

Oh, and the inclusion of this post in the “Sex!” category? That was just to see if anyone was paying attention. My sex: male. There. Now it’s a legitimate categorization.

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