On the road to ruin? Wednesday OTP

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May I submit for your consideration the following as evidence that America is sliding swiftly down the slipperly slope greased by Mass Media Podpeople, Loony Left(tard) Moonbats, Academia Nut Fruitcakes and politicians *spit*:

Campaign (using taxpayer dollars, of course) to get Amish to accept food stamps.. Hmmm, “What can we do to convince a group of people to deny their heritage, turn their backs on the principles that are the bedrock of their culture and become suckling pigs feeding at the public teat?” Yep. Sounds about right, eh?


The fedgov had apparently been trying for most of a year to get Swift to stop hiring illegal aliens… had warned the company over and over and over again that a raid was coming. And still over 1,200 illegals were arrested in the sweep last month.

And all the jobs filled with Americans by the end of the month–jobs President Bush tells us Americans won’t do…

But has the fedgov clamped down in similar fashion on Tyson and others? Not yet. Oh, BTW, before the raid, over 400 Swift employees had taken their lil selves out of the picture and hotfooted it elsewhere–many of them taking their families home, where they are legal residents. Clamping down on companies that hire illegals (and congresscritters who do, for that matter) would do even more to create an actual defensible than simply building a fence and patrolling it.

Instead, we have the example of Swift NOT cleaning its own house because… well, who would believe that a fedgov presided over by an administration that has actually done LESS (by an order of magnitude!) than the Clinton administration to enforce immigration law would, well, actually, you know, take steps to enforce the law??? Who could blame Swift for not believing the promised raid would actually take place? The feds have shown much more interest in harassing common citizens for the past five years than in enforcing our borders.

The Imam Scam isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and it WILL end up making our country’s citizens less secure, if masses of citizens do not rise up and tell our congresscritters to grow some balls (or at least fake having some). One guess which way I think it’ll go… *sigh*

Need I go on?

More later.

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