Iraq/Vietnam: the parallels are not what the Mass Media Podpeople, political poltroons and all the others of their ilk want you to think. Chaotic Synaptic Activity has shared some well-reasoned views here. Others are raising the issues rationally, honestly. I missed one such post last week over at Chaos Manor in Review. Here are a couple of snippets. Please do hie thee hence and read the rest.

…If there is any national cooperation in Iraq it is directed towards getting the Americans out. Shiite and Sunni Militia hate each other, but they agree on one thing: Americans are fair game. And anyone foolish enough to cooperate with America becomes a collaborator, fair game for either side: because, after all, the Americans are going to cut and run and abandon the their allies, just as those left on the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon in 1975 were abandoned…

…Is the Iraqi disaster retrievable? Yes, but only by American national commitment. We have to expand the war. Send in more troops, and begin to build a constabulary, a Foreign Auxiliary Force that will stay behind when we pull the Legions back to Kuwait and then back to CONUS. Make a serious effort to arm and train the domestic Iraqi forces. Recognize regional conflict and use money, lots of money, to settle conflicting claims and resettle families, not as helpless refugees but as citizens.

Will we do that with a Democratic Congress? Historically the Iraqi government can expect 20 cartridges and two hand grenades per soldier. Nothing more….

Much more at the link. Go. Read. See also here and here.

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