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Someone who’s apparently attempting to escape the 80%+ illiteracy of the Muslim world (a goal Congress is working hard to implement here) just posted a comment on my Mohammed in a Pink Dress post. don’t laugh at or ridicule the commenter’s inability to make sense. It’s a cultural thing: Muslims have little connection with reality to begin with (they’re blood brothers with “reality-based” fantasists among faux liberals), so while the guy may eventually become semi-literate, he’ll likely never be able to make sense. Besides, apparently language (any, take your pick) is his, urm, second language, so to speak. So, as I said, don’t laugh.

Name: who | E-mail: [email protected] | IP: | Date: November 28, 2006

what all of you know about mohammed … definitely nothing….and your best jop is that. becouse you have no brain in your ‘ve lost your humanity. and you dont know who are you.what are your aim in the
world.and what will happen after you dies.what waits ? asking you what is your reason for kill
hundrets of innocent peoples in the ?rac and lubnan.where is your humanity and demochrachy ? dont
are liers.finally ? sad that woowing dogs cant arrive and disturb pigeons.they onyl can makes
loud on the land of the hell.

Fisking the complete disconnect from reality represented by the comment reproduced above would be an exercise in futility: only a BIG stick could beat sense into the head that wrote that comment. Besides, how in the world would the doof even find this post. Another accidental google?

Yeh, he also doesn’t have the balls to use a real email address, but his IP comes outa Amsterdam. Hey, Anonymous Coward, killed any film makers recently? You haven’t? Then what are you doing implying you are a follower of The Butcher of Medina? Either you are a treacherous, lying, murdering savage like Mohammed (who rots in hell forever) or you are a fake Muslim. Which is it, Anonymous Coward?

BTW, my Mohammed in a Pink Dress post is my most-read post, but sadly lacks any literate, reasoned response from Muslims. Heck, it’s not even garnered any remotely sensible or even geniunely responsive angry retorts. *sigh* You’d think that among the billion or so Muslims in the world, at least a few of ’em who’ve seen the thing would be able to froth at the mouth and type something readable at the same time.

Not so.

Oh. Well.

Maybe Islam is the future. Well, if Nietzsche was right, then either congresscritters or Muslims will overtake the world, cos you’ll recall he said,

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”


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