Happy Anniversary to Me! /OTA

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Yes, as I mentioned yesterday, today is the anniversary of the day I struck it rich in the Life Lottery, and my Wonder Woman, despite all factors to the contrary, bound herself irrevocably to me. I say “irrevocably” because, well, she did something that’s becoming rarer and rarer nowadays: she made a committment. No, really, not the “committment” of many couples to “stick together until I get bored, something better comes along or times get tough.” No, she’s someone with an even rarer affliction (in the eyes of today’s “grups”), an adult with a keenly-developed sense of morality and ethics that views a committment, a promise as, well, real.

And how can a yutz like me respond with anything but a like committment to someone such as she?

So, happy, happy, joy, joy! 🙂 Twenty-eight years and—mirabile dictu!—she still loves this yutz. Lucky (or more accurately, blessed) guy, me.

Thank you, Wonder(ful) Woman!

Do note the posts Carl (The World According to Carl) asked me to check out: the first is a perfect example of why I have opted out of after-Thanksgiving shopping (yep: all finished for this year, well before Thanksgiving) and the other is just plain interesting. Thanks for the advance tipoffs, Carl. There, I’ve salted the mine, as it were, so y’all just chime on in with some more interesting reading, wouldya?

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  2. David thanks for the nice comments at my place. I am slowly finding out that people really did read and that I did make a ‘tiny’ dent in the blogosphere! You are one of the best!

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