More ADULT Stem Cell Progress

[See? I did eke out some time to check out some news yesterday. Just not election news. *heh*]

Pioneer research into applications of adult stem cells may provide a cure for heart attack patients, according to a report filed yesterday in The Daily Mail.

According to British doctors who are pioneering the procedure, adult stem cells harvested from a heart attack patient’s own bone marrow can be injected into a blood vessel leading to the heart to cause the heart to repair its own damaged tissue.

The protocols developed call for the procedure to follow an agioplasty, where a stint had been inserted to improve blood flow in the area of blockage that caused the heart attack. Then, harvested adult stem cells could be injected into the same blood vessel that had been used for the angioplasty procedure.

By using stem cells from the patient’s own body, repair of damaged heart muscle could not only prevent or allay further heart attacks and degeneration of the heart’s capacity to pump blood, but it could also save billions in further costs to the health care system.

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