Needed: Border Billboards/OTP

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There’ll likely be a Guard the Borders blogburst up later today with a more moderate tone, but meanwhile…

As soon as sniper posts are erected along our borders (yeh, I know I’m dreaming: the current goal of the U.S. government is to simply surrender the country and become a province of Mexico), we need some billboards erected that read something like this:

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  13. Sorry, but the problem is not just illegals. It’s also the huge number of legal immigrants. Numbers matter, not legal status. Besides, to proclaim that we’re in favor of legal immigration and only have a problem with illegal immigration is a sucker’s game. Bush and his corporate bosses have an answer for that one: “Great! We’re against illegal immigration too. Let’s give amnesty to all the illegals and make them legal, and award citizenship to anybody who wants in. Illegal immigration problems solved!”

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  15. Sorry, Rick, but…

    (I just had to phrase it that way :-))

    I have no argument against limiting numbers of legal immigrants, but I’d certainly welcome all who do come legally.

    However, the numbers of legal immigrants are swamped by the tide of illegals. Until we STOP illegal aliens in their tracks, dead cold STOP, we cannot even begin to limit our legal immigrants.

    First things first, Rick. Your objection has the merit of truth to it, but it lacks common sense and a strong sense of the ethical. Common sense: Why plug a small leak in a boat that is full of water largely because the port and starboard hull is missing? The ethical problem is mentioned below.

    STOP illegals, THEN EVICT illegals, THEN deal with limiting legal immigration to a rational level.

    Evict the ones that are here? Yes:

    CLOSE DOWN businesses that hire illegals. Seize the assets of the owners and sell them at public auction to those who can PROVE they have hired no illegal aliens.

    REFUSE ALL SOCIAL SERVICES to anyone who cannot prove their legal residence status in the U.S. Maybe make an exception for genuine life-or-death medical emergencies.

    JAIL those who provide relief or aid to illegals, no matter who they are. Period. (As accessories to their crimes)

    AND actively pursue those who have already entered this country illegally, even if they have since formed marital (or other familial) ties with citizens. If American citizens still want to be associated with their illegal relatives, let them leave the country with them.

    All these things can either be done within current laws or with a little legislative and executive courage and commitment to justice and a committment to national security?things notably lacking in our feddle gummint, which prefers special treatment for squalling outlaws and security theater instead of guarding our borders.

    Get serious about evicting (and keeping out) illegals and then we can ethically say to those who are waiting in line that we have limits on legal immigration and they’ve just been ratcheted up a notch.

    Until then, saying to those who are wanting to enter the country legally, “Sorry, we have so many illegal aliens we cannot allow you in” is just asking them to break the law, too.

    Make it still possible to immigrate into this country, but control access rationally, ethically.

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