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The purpose of TSA is to demonstrate to the people of these United States that we are no longer citizens. It serves that purpose well. We are now subjects, and we are to be deferential to those who cannot get better jobs than as TSA screeners. As you say, the disruption to air travel is an effective tool of economic warfare. Even as insanely rich as we are, this is costly. And of course the principle of “equality” (meaning equal misery) demands that we treat 80 year old grandmothers exactly the same as we treat bearded young men clutching Korans and glancing nervously about.

Our masters have gone barking mad, and there seems to be no way to cure this. Electing Democrats won’t do it. They’ll do worse.

Competent Empire we might be able to tolerate. What we have now is clowns in command.

While you’re there, search his site for other references to the Thousands Standing Around… *heh*

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