Bustin’ Chops, venting gently this time

Bustin’ cops lightly… this time.

Recall our new neighbors? Well, today I had a short lunchtime, cos I spent some of it cutting short a noon meeting of the Stoned Road Druggies (no affirmative proof, but they meet several of the behavioral/environmental criteria for activity surrounding a meth lab *sigh*).

Yeh, twelve vehicles parked on (and nearly on) their property at noon. One left. Loudly. (These guys seem to think that if ya drill out a muffler the vehicle will run soooo much better.) Another backed up to repark. Backed up right on our lawn… as I was watching. I hollered to stop him, and to his credit he did, then pulled on forward and parked it where it’d been before he started backing.

Words ensued. I called the cops. As I was counting vehicles (and TPT*/maybe likely druggies) and relating license tags to the cops over the phone, they began leaving. With more “words” and a few cute threats to “donut” my lawn.

Let ’em come. License tags, bubbas.


*TPT=Trailer Park Trash

[Update: a year later, after a few more incidents like this, the kid’s wife left him, he lost the house (needed her income to make expenses) and he and his asshat hangers-on are long gone. Acquaintance at the local bank and her husband–good folks–are in line to buy the place. Things are looking up.]

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  1. Heh. Nothing like wonderful neighbors to make a home complete. We lived under a set of these bozos back in the apartment days, when I was studying for the Bar exam. I remember one night, their radio was blaring so loud it rattled our windows and their Siberian Husky puppy “sang along” until almost eleven p.m., at which point I called the cops – only to discover they’d gone out of town and left the radio on “to keep puppy company.” We learned this, of course, because the cops broke the door down. They came home to no puppy, no radio and a major-league disturbing the peace fine. Not that it made much difference in the ambient noise level.

  2. Yeh, the Sheriff’s Deputy logged it with the local police (since we’re 300′ or so inside city limits) and out local guy came by to ask me what he could do to make things right. We spent about 30 mins just chewing the fat (started with asking how the retired chief–is liking retirement and asking after a friend who was with the force for many years?guy saved wonder Woman’s life cos he knew where we lived, before there was 911… heck, he’d helped us move in?and went from there). He spent a few mins afterwards over at the neighbors and they’ve been VERY tame tonight.

    They’ve even kept their dog in. (Leash law, no fence, they let her run loose… been thinking of calling animal control on that one. Nice dog, bad owners. *sigh*)

  3. 12 gauge for the dog. keep it loaded for the owners — on your property, of course, with a garden tool (of your choice) in their hand when the cops arrive.

  4. Ugh, what a pain. Poor dog, I always feel bad when they have a family like that. Thankfully all of our neighbors are quiet, it hasn’t always been that way tho.

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