Child-raising 101

BTDT, have the t-shirt.

This book, Teach Your Dog 100 English Words, should be used as a ready reference by every parent of a young child who wants to have their children grow up to be civilized human beings but doesn’t want to stifle their creativity, initiative or personality.


And I don’t think it’s too bad for dog owners, either.

Touting the tome at Woman Honor Thyself and TMH’s Bacon Bits.

6 Replies to “Child-raising 101”

  1. lol..ok so she starts out with..”If you’re like most dog owners, you were hoping when you got your dog that he would be the smartest, most well-behaved companion you’ve ever had.
    You were hoping he would be bright, alert, attentive. The kind of dog who listens carefully to you. Who understands what you say.”…sounds like sound advice for
    kids nowadays eh?..come to think of it..when was the las time u saw a bright,
    alert, attentive child?…lmbooo

  2. My dog doesn’t listen to a thing I say unless it’s Meaty Bone, and then she’s all ears.
    My kids only listen I think if the sentence has the word money in it somewhere. However!

    My oldest, my daughter, finally got around to getting her GED and is going to start nursing classes in the fall. Wonders never cease.

  3. I have to vent somewhere…Here’s good as anywhere!

    I am thirteen. (Well, tommorrow, but whatever.) My parents have never, ever considered treating me as any less than an sort-of adult. (Although lacking in common sense, which I readily agree to.) They have told me the truth, or most of it, when I finally ask. I’m begginning to think the age of love=happiness is gone, and safety at any cost is in. By the way, when was the last time I saw a parent look at their child, even after the kid’s done something wrong, with absolute love in their eyes? Most of the time, they just look like they couldn’t care less.

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