Think You’re Smart?/Wednesday OTA

Yep, it’s that time of week again. Show me how smart you are. Link me (to this post) with your best shot and track back. More after the IQ-destructor below…

Click this link and watch the video. If simply watching it doesn’t subtract 3-IQ points from your brainpower, then the guys who made the video are smarter than you are. And we all know that’s not possible…


(It reminded me of a school district administrator explaining why it was the sensible thing to do to break the law by comingling classroom instruction funds and construction funds. “Wow! He sher do know lotsa big words, don’t he, Ma?”)

As I said, this is an open trackback post. Link to this post and then track back. If you want to host your own linkfests, check out

Also note the other fine blogs featuring linkfests at Linkfest Haven.

Linkfest Haven

Oh, and Lyn, at Bloggin’ Outloud, has some great tips and links for tracking back in this post. (As Lyn pointed out in comments, I meant this post.)

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