Guard the Borders Bonus Post

This is an open trackbacks post. Link to this post and track back. After yesterday’s resounding success with SPAM “poetry” for Academia Nut Fruitcakes, here’s some more “creative genius” (and I almost typed that with a straight face, I did. Almost.) More below the brilliant poetry following…

Thanks to Angel at Woman Honor Thyself (although she may delist me from her blogroll for saying it :-)), the bit of genius below sprang full blown from my forehead:

Anyone recall the Burma Shave signs of the 50s? Each line of a 5/6-line piece of doggerel (usually ending in line six with “Burma Shave”) was on a separate small roadside sign, so that reading them was simple time-lapse roadside entertainment.

An example:

“He tried
To cross
As fast train neared
Death didn’t draft him
He volunteered

Updated for today?

“He tried
To cross
Got shot dead
He’ll not recover
Guarded Borders.”

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