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(The Neverending Post–updates edited in. *heh*)

Well, my weekend break for silliness mixed with seriousness is over… for now. Time for a Guard the Borders post. Since the gals at Euphoric Reality are “off” for a bit, my humble offering will have to suffice.

Start your week off by visiting NumbersUSA. I would suggest, though, that instead of sending the form faxes and emails that NumbersUSA offers, instead you take their form faxes and emails and use them as templates and examples to write your OWN faxes and emails. Then send them to YOUR congresscritters—your representative and senators—as appropriate. Send words of encouragement to your congresscritters if they are working (and have worked) to limit immigration and deny amnesty to alien invaders. Send (polite) excoriations to your congresscritters if they have voted the Quisling Ticket on thse issues.

But make the faxes and emails your own, in your own voice. Masses of form letters do have an impact, but I have been told by experienced pols that similar masses of individual letters, emails and faxes that are not part of an organized camplaign can have far more impact.

And call. Call the White House (202-456-1111) and express your displeasure with President Bush’s stance of appeasing a foreign aggressor invading our country with its masses of unwanted underemployed illiterates. Yeh, that’s our good friend Mexico. And express even greater displeasure with the administrations unconscionably lax approach to enforcing the law… and our borders.

Now, despite the fact that at first blush it may not seem applicable to our border/immigration issues (it is) this poignant plea from a British immigrant from Nigeria bemoaning the denigration of British culture by multiculturalists. (h.t. Intergalactic Source of Truth)

It amazed me greatly after the July bombing that the majority of the media and British, white public were so shocked that ‘our’ own people could do this. I certainly was not shocked. What this part of the country needs to realise is because of the promotion of multiculturalism, THERE IS NO LONGER AN ‘US’. There now exist separate identities living under the umbrella of Britain/United Kingdom, but who certainly do not view themselves as British.

Yeh, and here? Viva la raza, baby… The face of “multiculturalism” in the USA:


(Gee, the picture even leans left. I wonder why?)

And this in from Grunt Doc (via The Other Side of Kim):


Senior Citizen from Mexico is brought in by a relative, accompanied by CT scans, ultrasound reports and the announcement “(loved one) needs a surgery”.

Well, this was worked up in Mexico, didn’t they want to do the surgery there?

“Yes, but… “

Read the rest at the link, but be warned: put breakables out of easy reach and take your BP meds first.

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