Flattering Academia Nut Fruitcake Poetry/Open Post

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Since imitation is the sincerest flattery, then imitation that surpasses that which it flatters must obviously be exceedingly great flattery, eh?

So, herewith my sincere flattery of the type of modern “poetry” so loved by typical Academia Nut Fruitcakes. I “wrote” it by combining the first line out of each of about 1/10 of the spam comments I recieved on this blog Saturday, since that way I was able to glean literary gems that each in and of itself far, far surpassed the literary genius of the post-post-modern deconstructivists populating many of our Academia Nut Fruitcake Bakeries today.

With no further ado, I give you,

In Honor of Academia Nut Fruitcakes

Busting black caper So apples
black paint ball Busting Left
case Enemy World Going lion
title caper book Stop again
Shove Sleep book paint little
It gold Left title So
fury oranges strike oranges It
keys It book Take show
leave little So Busting for
movies lion Shove case lion
Sleep So buck fury entire
Are Enemy Sleep book again
World Open keys Here book
mouse The oranges for black
buck strike Are Shove oranges
Going ball in And gold
leave It Busting And love
lemons lemons To for strike
It Busting black ball Stop
keys leave leave title leave
Are buck caper lemons keys
paint Are fury little Here
monitor It love show buck
rock My love Are We
Stop leave World lion Going
Balls It for fury lemons

Thank you. No applause, please. Just throw money.

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13 Replies to “Flattering Academia Nut Fruitcake Poetry/Open Post”

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  4. I re-read that poem a number of times and on each reading it becomes clearer and clearer.
    By opening up my mind to the subtext I was able to understand the true, underlying meaning, especially the stiff, viagra-like symmetry of
    “Are Enemy Sleep book again
    World Open keys Here book”
    OMFG: Is this not exactly what we have facing us from the Islamic Threat today? Are not people from the book under attack from those whom we have given the keys to our cities? Are we not a world sleeping in the face of the enmey from the other people of the book?
    Do you have to have a Koran fall on you head?

  5. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie…

    Ya just gotta get that Planck outa your own eye. Layin’ it off on those poor, peaceful Moose-limbs like that–*tsk*


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