Summer’s coming/OTA Weekend

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The Median Sib posted her Thursday Thirteen this week (TT is a blogosphere meme pool game I haven’t been hooked by before, though I’ve seen it around) as Thursday Thirteen – Summer Goals, and since I’m about to go out in a bit here and swelter in the humidity and rather sudden onset of heat to accomplish one minor part of a minor goal I went out already to start one project and am back now, I thought I’d semi-play along.



Not quite.

So, here’s a list of summer goals tailored for non-work-related third world county-specific aspirations.

  1. Finish up some minor mods to the yard–landscaping a tad, back deck mods, taking my yard outa the running for the title of Best Third World County Tick Farm, etc.
  2. Since I’ve been blogging for about 1.5 years now, I want to figure out what I’m doing with this blogging thing sometime this summer. Anyone wanna pitch their two cents in the hat?
  3. Finish the living room redecos (well, for the most part*), including—finally!—a new floor (and on down the hallway with that puppy).
  4. Pull carpet and redo floors in the finished basement (OK, just 2-3 rooms, for now) Easy-peasy? Son & Heir discovered some very (really very) nice vinyl tile (old style glue-down) under the carpet in his room. Taking my “permission” to remove the old carpet and clean up the floor to heart. Easy room #1 downstairs. Will follow it with some appropriate rugs.
  5. Finish Blogmom Diane’s Special Sooper Dooper Manhattan Project-Secret Project BEFORE the official start of Summer. (“Manhattan Project”? Yeh, if it works right, it could blow some folks away. That’s a clue, Diane. :-))
  6. Hold a SUPER garage sale by Summer’s end. We could use some space now used as storage for other things. Really.
  7. Finish a coupla books. No, not just cracking good stories. Found some more nonfiction I’d like to work through. Reports later.
  8. Learn to sleep. Well. *heh*
  9. Reorganize the kitchen. Yeh, I do most of the cooking, so I periodically feel the need to revamp the flow.
  10. Rebuild our home network. I like what it’s like now, but I think we’ll add a different computer for my Wonder Woman this summer and add a wireless node back in. May as well just build it from the bottom up again. Should be fun and instructive. The notebook computers we’re looking at for her (for her grad classes, of course! :-)) will just about require I build a new router/firewall, so I have that fun to look forward to.
  11. Locate the wall wart for my lil midi controller or just break down and get a new one so I can get back to writing/arranging some new stuff.
  12. While I’m at it, clean out my office (remember alla that storage space I plan to clean out? I have a couple of walls of computer gear to reorganize and store there).
  13. Have some fun doing alla the above.

So, what’s your summer looking like?

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*The “for the most part”? Kinda depends on if I get real handy with the router—woodworking kind this time—and make the molding I want.

N.B. Yeh, I edited this post after I had a coupla cupsa joe. Eyes open I could see the typos and the incomplete sentences (that I wanted made complete), etc. Good luck finding the less grammatical, typo-filled post…

Mini-update: Relenquishing the Third World County Tick Farm title, now. Had to wait a day, cos of some light showers yesterday, but the yard is well and truly poison to every lil creepy-crawly insectoid critter. Had to keep The Boys out of the yeard and otherwise occupied while spraying and until it dried, but using the most potent stuff I could get without a License to Kill from the CIA or whomever, may do the trick. Spraying with malthion used to do the trick, but that stuff’s darned near impossible to come by. I used up the the last of my stash killing ticks and fleas last year (worked like a charm: the boys went all summer with no problems), so I just had to go by the feed store recommendation… We’ll see.

Further update; the bird bath for the front “mint bed” is coming along fairly well. Dry-stacking rock i gathered six years ago around an old sink I engineered with a stand. When done, nothing but the rocks and the tip of the sink will show, looked at flat on. It’s not plumbed, but what kinda trouble is it to pop the stopper and drain, then fill with a gallon of water?

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  5. Yeh, Diane, I added a coupla small parts last night and the parts I had to order will probably be here Tuesday (although the email invoice I recieved said the parts’d been sent to the wrong address, no real worry, cos the local P.O will just put a note in my box telling me it’s here, anyway–heh). I’m actually starting to want one-a these for myself…


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