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  1. Don’t get me started. The boys will be out of their schools Friday, and I’ll start then thanks. LOL I don’t want to endanger their present status by posting what I have in mind…

  2. Louis L’Amour should be mandatory reading. Let’s start with the administrators.

    What’s wrong with a good food fight?

    We used to have them “occassionally” in our college mess hall. Typically they occurred when we had southern fried gospel bird. About half way through the meal one would see a single piece of chicken take wings again. It was a signal. Almost immediately the room would be raining chicken. Quite often it was a way to relieve stress after the Commandant’s Dept. had made another DA decision.

    One of the best food fights ever was on a Saturday evening prior to a Saturday night football game in ’64(?). With the afternoon free most had been off campus and imbibed somewhat.

    Most Saturday evening meals on campus were optional, but on this occasion it was a mandatory formation so we would be in place to march to the stadium.

    Well . . . the chow hall menu planner had shown the indiscretion to serve fried chicken. After the food fight virtually everyone had to return to their rooms and put on a clean uniform. The march to the stadium was delayed somewhat, but we were there in plenty of time for the game.

  3. What were they tossin round?..hardened meat balls?, ice-cubes?..anythin
    lethal?..what is it bout food that makes some pple jus wanna
    toss it around?..pie inna face anyone? Heh. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I hear ya Diane.

    *LOL* Megan!

    [revised and extended-ed] Angel: Think about Megan’s comment. Maybe someone was contemplating the food and began tossing their… cookies.

    Hugh: the thing that crossed my mind was, “What kinda food fight has to be planned? Where’s the spontaneity in our youth these days?


  5. David,

    Perhaps just not enough southern fried gospel bird gets served. AND, perhaps to many have forgotten how to make it take wings again. Heck, they kan’t even play dodge ball no mo.


    I wonder what some of these skanks (aka today’s teachers) would do if they had witnessed what “some of us” did in the 4th, 5th, & 6th grades at that school I was at — way out here in the woods.

    Let me recall (just some of it):

    — we played baseball without helmets or masks.
    (in fact we got rid of the big rocks for bases when one of the boys brought sme discs from a plow.)
    — we climbed trees – even fell out occasionally.
    — we wandered through the saw-briar patches.
    — we went into the swamp across the road.
    — we played dodge ball.
    — in the 6th grade, if we had a sweetheart, we’d wander into the woods holding hands. holding hands was “all.” if somebody told mama we done something different, it was butt whuppin’ time. (oh? nah, we didn’t do nuttin’ else — jest talked ’bout it.)

    Something else: I carried a pocket knife from 2nd grade through HS graduation. Was NEVER questioned for having a weapon on campus. In fact the teachers, especially in 1st – 8th, KNEW which ones of us had knives. (In higher grades they automatically assumed we did.) They also knew which ones of us had knives suitable for cutting and which ones were for scraping only. When the teacher needed a knife, she knew which one of us to ask for what she wanted to do.

    Doubt the skanks of today even know the difference in knives.

    What is David’s favorite expression? [sigh}

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