RAPA: Blogger Fishing/Weekend Open Post

Yeh, this is my Open Trackbacks Alliance Weekend Open Post. Link to this post and track back. More below the post.

“RAPA”=random act of personal amusement.

I caught this lil thing from reading The Random Yak‘s [caught & released—and I hadn’t even chummed the water yet… ] RSS feed (since comments are not yet enabled there, it makes commenting via email easy. besides, I read a majority of blogs that way, anyway, cos it’s just a faster way to scan through the meat of their posts).The Platypus Society devised a diabolical bait for Blogger Fishing: Links. Here, let’s let TPS explain the bait and hook plan:

For bait, I plan on using something that most bloggers find irresistible: Links. Bloggers are notorious for their compulsive habit of checking their hitcounter, Technorati ranking, or TTLB ranking to keep track of any new visits or links to their site. Below I have set the bait by posting links to a number of bloggers and have clicked on each one to help stir up the chum in the water. Feel free to click on the links below and visit these fine bloggers and help stir up the blogger feeding frenzy.

OK, TRY baited the hook for me with a link to twc, but he wasted his bait in my case, cos I saw his RSS feed long before one of my sporadic checks for links from other blogs. Nevertheless, I kinda like the idea, but I wanna twist it a bit. If you are hooked by finding a link to you (listed below) when you check your ShortStats, TTLB or Technorati or whatever,

  1. Go ahead and note in a post that you were hooked by your linkage check.
  2. Link here and track back to let me know you were hooked and then
  3. Make some link chum/bait of your own, hoping to hook a few for your own blogger catch of the day.

Here’s the bait I’m setting out:

All things Beautiful
Anywhere But Here
Balanced Newsblog
Basil’s Blog
Below the Beltway
Big Lizards
Blue Star Chroniclescaught & released
Boudicca’s Voice
But That’s Just My Opinion
Cao’s Blog
Church and State
Committees of Correspondence
Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, The
Diane’s Stuff
Don Surber After Hours
English Guy, The
Evangelical outpost
Freedom Folks
Freedom Watch
GM’s Corner
I’m Just a Girl
Keep The Coffee Coming
Liberal Common Sense
Mark My Words
Mauser Girl
Michelle Malkin
Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea

Oblogatory Anecdotes
Outside the Beltway
Random Rambling
Riehl World View
Right Wing News
Social Sense
Soliloquy… one writer’s thoughts
Spark It Up!!!
The Median Sib
The Real Ugly American
The Red Queen Affair
The Wide Awakes
TMH’s Bacon Bits
Where have you gone, Ronald Reagan?
Woman Honor Thyself
caught & released

Had to cut a few cos of previous listings by TRY and cos some of my regular reads have been… irregular recently and the list may need pruning. *sigh* But a goodly number of hooks baited, dontcha think?

Also note the other fine blogs featuring linkfests at Linkfest Haven.

Linkfest Haven

30 Replies to “RAPA: Blogger Fishing/Weekend Open Post”

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  3. The irony of it is, you caught ME through Technorati – because I saw the new link and clicked it before even pauising long enough to recognize it was you. I guess that makes me the stupid fish that would bite an unbaited hook just because it was shiny – but on the other hand, it’s catch and release, so I’m not all that much the worse for wear.

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  6. Uh, linkage check? What’s that? Seriously, I rarely look for those. Too darn busy changing my socks every half hour, which is what the Planet Maintenance Committee has asked me to do this week.

    Socks. Many with holes now.Darn.

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