Don’t waste any more time here. Go directly to Jerry Pournelle’s site and read the News from Iraq post. I think I may even compile a list of places where the “rest of the story” is told more than the mass media podpeople would have you know. (BTW, Pournelle’s not only smarter than I m, he’s smarter than just about any or all of the top dog pajamajadeen, and he attracts a lot of really bright and well-informed folks to his site (of which number I could only wish I could be counted in… but my smarts cain’t breathe the air up there for long 🙂

We have some really fine people running the show and doing the day-to-day work of “taming the wild jihadists” over there…

Sidebar: In passing, I heard Geraldo Rivera commenting yesterday (on Fox?) about how the terrorists in Iraq are managing the news—getting their demonstration demolitions, attacks, etc., prominently displayed and crowding out accomplishments in Iraq by the coalition and the Iraqis—the real Iraqis.

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