Thursday changeup

No linkfest for twc today. Stop the ACLU Blogburst later today. Meanwhile, how about a small change of pace from immigration, ACLU shenannigans, Jean fraud sKerry’s unconscionable… existence and revamping the tax code?

Pet Fish Blamed for House Fire. I bet those folks are thinking, “Pan fry!”

Subliterate man nearly calls wedding off (misread the time on a text message); asks, “Who’s 5am?”

A real dog lover. “I’ll have mine to go.”

Dangerous underwear. Dy-no mite!

At least it’s not the doghouse

Oh, and on this day in 2118 B.C., the chair was invented in China by Whu-Sat and immediately exported to the New World (Egypt) at cutthroat prices. And mankind has been breeding Laquishas (“Laquisha’s got a big ole butt!”) ever since.

Well, that’s about all the short takes for now.

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