May 1: Shopping Day/Open Post

This is my open trackbacks post for Monday, May 1. Link to this post and track back. And see additional information below my May 1 Shopping Day post.

Since today is the day the alien invasion is planning its insurrection demonstrations (and the day our blowhard political poltroon “rulers” are fluffing themselves and playing “Emperor’s New Clothes”), may I respectfully suggest that everyone who reads this blog go out and do their weekly shopping? Maybe make that large purchase you’ve been planning on for some time (yeh, Lovely Daughter: go ahead and buy that new car on “Boycott by the Alien Invasion Day”).

Oh, and do buy some Mexican flags to (stomp on, grind in the dirt, pour lighter fluid on and) burn on the Fifth of May, OK?

Just a friendly suggestion.

As I said, this is an open post. Link here and track back.

Also note the other fine blogs featuring linkfests at Linkfest Haven.

Linkfest Haven

Looking for Shopping Day cohorts at Conservative Cat (where Ferdy is punching gaping holes in one of my other fav punching bags) and Mark My Words

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