The B.S. Boycott

Oh, I wish it were possible to boycott all the B.S. out there (Mass Media Podpeople, Political Poltroons, Academia Nuts and other Loony Left Moonbats), but what I mean by the post title is that the boycott scheduled for tomorrow in support of reconquista is B.S.



You see, the “boycotters” are asking permission from workplaces and schools for workers and students to take the day off… Some demonstration, eh? Yeh, a demonstration of employers who are illegal themselves caving in to illegal employees’ demands and schools that are little more than prisons for kids giving kids time off for… bad behavior.

Oh, BTW, I’ve scheduled a shopping trip for tomorrow. I figure it’s time I bought some Mexican flags to burn on May 5.

Burn the one on top

h.t. WatchDogAmerica

Flag-waving at Adam’s Blog

27 Replies to “The B.S. Boycott”

  1. It’s not enuf for the Libs that we have been coerced into
    fighting a war on terror and Izlamo facists..we now have civil
    disorder all around us…and the best they can do is to leap to
    the defense of law breaking invaders……..I give up.

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