Billary cribs from sKerry playbook/Tuesday Open Post

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Well, maybe there’s some hope for 2008 after all…

Here it is 2006 and Hillary Clintoon is already practicing her “Jean Fraud sKerry Weathervane” technique. It worked soooo well for sKerry in 2004 that I hope she hangs on to this technique.

Her latest? a totally disingenuousm high-deniability-factor flip-flop from an assertion that Jesus wouldn’t treat these poor, downtrodden ‘undocumented workers’ so shamefully as to actually, you know, like expect them to enter the country legally to—now—a stance that we should build a “fence” to keep them out.

Hmmm, does she really not want the illegal alien vote?

Dems Court Illegal Votes

Here’s the tricky dicky twist where she learned a bit from sKerry’s fence-straddling and wind-twirling: she doesn’t want a real fence, just a virtual one (talk about irony: a Clintoon talking about anything that has even a tenuous connection to the word “virtue”).

So much for the much-vaunted Billary Clintoon political savvy. Fence-straddling and weathervaning worked soooo well for sKerry in 2004, didn’t it? Of course, outright lies (where are the records, Jean Fraud?) are still in the Billary Clintoon political bag of tricks, but s/he can only fool nearly half the people with those.

No More B.S.

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8 Replies to “Billary cribs from sKerry playbook/Tuesday Open Post”

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  3. David
    On the Hillary weathervane borders bit, lets not forget that she also wants citizenship for them after two years -gee, I wonder why?

    SHe must have a personal neck doctor just to handle the problems that arise as a result of her jerking her head left and right so often and fast.This lady treats political philosophy and priciple like a tennis ball -first she’s on one side then the other then….oh well.

    Thanks for the “must read” on the green article I wrote.

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