Jean Fraud sKerry MIA, again… /Open Post

MIA=”Milling in (the) air”… sKerry, who has yet to make good on any of his promises to actually release the records he has serially “promised” to release, is playinhg weathervane again. The Junior Whiner from Taxachussetts has, with his recent demand that the U.S. issue an ultimatum to the Iraqi government with a timetable for U.S. pullout, directly reversed his former statements that asserted such a timetable would be a “disgraceful betrayal of principle” and a “disaster”.


A non-news event for anyone familiar with this blowhard’s inability to hold to any principle save one (that beiing the principle that he can say anything and get away with it, because the electorate of Massachussetts is simply too gullible to be able to tell when he’s lying [hint: words are issuing from him] or too corrupt to care).

No news. Move right along folks. Nothing to see here. After all, there aren’t even any records to read, yet.

No More B.S.

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