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Democrappic Lit

A sign of the times. Democraps and their ilk support breaking the law (and, since the image above was purportedly taken at a “demonstration” of illegal aliens, many of whom are “reconquistadores”) and joining with those who would invade and conquer rthe United States.

Do Democraps really hate their own country that much?

Uhm, apparently yes.


The dystopic view of the West, and of America in particular is obvious for anyone paying attention. From such as the handbill above, movies like “V for Vendetta,” politicians, Mass Media Podpeople, Academia nuts and the like embracing those who flaunt our immigration laws, throw hissy fits whenever commonsense measures like profiling terrorists and attacking nearly every foundational underpinning of Western Civilization and American society—from the family to Christianity—while embracing its enemies, we can plainly see that the wide array of folks generally considered to be left of center simply hate America.

(And likely themselves.)

For a longer, link-filled treatment of the self-loathing and fearful folk peopling much of Western society now, read “I’m a Terrorist Groupie, Hear Me Roar!” at The Brussels Journal. And follow the links. (The link to Melanie Phillips links to a particularly rich resource. Melanie Phillips is a rich resource.)


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  1. Side note: via email, the Random Yak and I discovered a similar reaction to the Democrappic litter pictured in the post. About time Texas annexed Mexico!

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