8 Replies to “Here we go, ’round again…”

  1. David,

    Check the Lady Diane “When Doors Attack” URL reference.

    Warning msg when I clicked on it:

    Cannot go to ?hthttp://www.dianesstuff.com/?p=419?, because Mac OS X doesn?t recognize addresses starting with ?hthttp:?.

  2. Lady??? HA! I know a certain bus driver who would beg to differ. But seriously folks, Yeah, Diane is great. Always willing to take on large tasks such as this one for a friend, and all for nothing in return except the joy she gets from helping a friend. She really is something!

  3. Oh, Lady Diane: there was an extra “ht” in the address that I removed manually–just forgot to mention it to you. (Really, I am running as fast as I can… )

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