“We have seen the enemy… “/Open Post

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“We have seen the enemy… “

This is not a rant. Nor is it any kind of schadenfreude-filled humorous stab at the most obvious enemies of the U.S. and of Western Civilization (oh, go ahead and say it, David: CIVILIZATION, period). So if you do not want to read as I point out who the enemy is, just read no further. Warning: no cheer here.

Still with me? OK.

It’s easy for any person not blinded by irrational ideology, greed or emotional attachment to the destructively childish memes of those who hate civilization¹; that Mass Media Podpeople of ever subspecies, politicians in general, educrats, Academia Nuts, Loony Left Moonbats and their ilk are either actively seeking to destroy America or are passively aiding in its destruction.

Let’s just call these folk truly, shall we? All the aforementioned enemies of civilization, the West and of the U.S. are evil. I do not say this lightly. even those who are the dupes, the useful idiots simply spouting the lies of their masters are evil because they are submitting their reason, their ethics and their morality to evil.

And what do I mean by “evil”? Simply put, evil is whatever harms people with lies. More specifically, evil will not brook any use of truth that does not twist rtruth into a lie in order to coerce or manipulate the will of others in order to bend them to its will, regardless of the harm it causes.

And that is exactly what Mass Media Podpeople²; do. It is what politicans of all stripes do, to a greater or lesser extent. Those who simply buy the lies and spew them forth exhibit either monumental stupidity, gullibility or a desire to win power by means of the lie. (Which one leads to President Bush’s swallowing of Vicente Fox’s transparent hypocrisy, for example, I leave to the reader to decide… *sigh*)

Educrats are doing their very best—whether from malice or stupidity—to destroy the minds of generations of Americans, turning them into sheeple, easy prey for the wolves of mass media and the political elite.

And what of the rest? All evil or willing partakers of its poisonous lies.

And who is to blame?

We are.

That’s right. You and I.

Let me ask you one simple question. After CBS conclusively proved its committment to lying by NOT firing Dan Rather, and doing it quickly, clearly and harshly, in condemnation of his witting lies disguised as “news”, how many of us simply stopped watching CBS programming entirely… and made it clear (and continued to make it clear) to local CBS affiliates that the reason we were doing so is because CBS is committed to lies and liars?

See? That’s something that’s easy to do: just stop watching programming from a confirmed source of evil.

Has CBS’ viewing audience plummeted anough for it to take note and remedy its committment to liars?


How many of us refuse, utterly refuse, to vote for a politician *spit* who himself refuses to do what is right, arguing that he can only do what’s pragmatic?

How many of us will not take the trouble or risk the censure of the subliterate for confronting the child abuse (and serious threat to the future of a free republic) that “public education” has become?

We are the enemy. The enemy of freedom, truth, justice… the American Way. When we we submit to the “politics of the possible” instead of insisting on what is right; when we continue to patronize the entertainment sludge offered by confirmed liars and purveyors of lies; when we allow the educrats to turn our children’s brains to mush, manufacturing the next generation of sheeple, then We are the enemy.

When we can honestly say, “We have seen the enemy and it is us,” then perhaps we can start amending our own behavior: refusing to vote for liars and poltroons committed only to enhancing their own positions through expediancy; refusing to lend our eyes and ears to a media intent on ever-increasingly filling our minds with lies; refusing to let educrats turn another generation into sheeple.

If that day does not come, then America will pass into the dustbin of history, and civilization will slide into darkness.

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  2. well…I get half a point because I *did* stop watching CBS altogether – though you might take it away again because I never actually watched CBS to begin with. This is a lot to ponder this morning (if you’ve seen the Yak this morning, you know why I don’t use the word “consider”). I’ll take it through the day with me.

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  6. CBS David? – even with perky Katie it is merely an English version of Pravda.
    the real problem is the vast number of ostriches that don’t wish to hear or see the truth -CBS and its ilk survive because people don’t mind the lies and distortions -how else does Kerry come that close to being the last president of the USA? Sorry, I’m not in one of my hopeful moods lately, after watching the masses seing left and I’m talking about Republican politicians – they are not RINOs -that “is” the Republican party. The big tent is full of clowns now!

    Keep nailing them!

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