Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! ;-)


I’ve been waiting on this day since last Fall. When “fall back” time began screwing with my biorhythms, my venerable (*heh*) SkyScan clock stopped correcting for DST on/off, and it wouldn’t let me manually set it, either. Every time I corrected it, it’d reset itself an hour ahead.

So, I just learned to subtract and hour from the readout. The rest—days, moon phase, minutes, seconds—remained accurate.

Well, today the semi-annual “screw with my biorhythms” day has come around again and NOW the thing has the right hour as well as minutes. seconds, etc.



Doing a time-check at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, where Sam, in a time warp to match the craziest of her rants, is living a month in the future…

Sam of the Future!

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