What’re you listening to?

If I make the time (there’s always time to blog if I re-prioritize my life ya know :-)), I want to do a roundup of some interesting posts later, but for now a lil musical post and the question: What are you listening to these days?

This lil tune, Davenport Blues, is a Bix Beiderbecke number from 1927, the year Bix began playing a Vincent Bach Strad (Apollo model #660). This isn’t my fav style of music, although it’s among my favs of 20th Century musical styles, but the musicianship of this ensemble is really appealing. You hear the unique trombone stylings of Tommy Dorsey, for example, in this old 78 recording (in a highly-compressed mp3 format), only where they complement Bix’s play—just as good backup should do. Another of my fav brass players had this to say of Bix:

“All I’ve ever called the dear boy was Bix … just the name alone will make one stand up—also their ears. And when he played—why, the ears did the same thing …” –Louis Armstrong

Get more Bix here:

Indispensable Bix Beiderbecke (1925-1930)

Indispensable Bix Beiderbecke (1925-1930)

BTW, if you want more Bix that includes Davenport Blues, try this CD:

The Bix Beiderbecke Story

Here’s Davenport Blues from a poor mp3 recording off an old 78:


Take a lil time, if you would, and review the Principles of Classicism. See how many of them apply to Davenport Blues as opposed to current Top 40 crap. Bix is surprisingly closer to “Classical” than some might think. DB is no Die Zauberflöte, but I think Mozart could relate to Bix (in more ways than just musical, alas!)

Sounding the trumpet call at Blue Star Chronicles, TMH’s Bacon Bits and The Real Ugly American.

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  1. BTW, besides the principles of classicism, anyone notice the characteristic jazz style? Anyone want to name some of the characteristics on the way to correctly labeling the style?


  2. Gorsh, I finally wondered over here… It’s been too long since I saw the Burns series on Jazz to give you a geek answer but, um, it surely IS jazz. 😉 I wonder how this relates to the New Orleans style a la Louis Armstrong of the same era. Sounded a bit more polished than NO style from what I recall… all my jazz CDs are at home except for some Modern Jazz Quartet I brought with me on my trip.

    I’ve also been listening to Beethoven’s Piano Concertos 3 and 4 – brought those along for the ride. Damn hard to hear the very quiet cadenza parts on the airplane, lemme tell ya!

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