Early evening

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Signing off in a bit, here. My Wonder Woman e-ed me that she has a short day today, cos heavy winds already and a tornado watch has already begun for America’s Third World Countyâ„¢, so I’m making sure my day’s over before we hunker down. I fully expect to see some downed limbs off our sycamores—I had intended to take some down next week, anyway, just hope they don’t take out anything I don’t want gone… *sigh*

Lotsa tunder rumbling through, haven’t seen the lightning yet—a ways off over some hills is my guess. Raining now and wind’s growing pretty wild.

I love a good storm, and we do need rain.

The Boys (Son & Heir’s dogs) are all hunkered down in a sheltered area under the deck. water literally rolls off Leo’s back, and Buttons seems to thrive in rain, no matter how he begs to be let in (he always begs to be let in, rain or shine, cold or hot. It’s just him).

Begged off an easy gig. Meant a few miles travel to do a Linux boot and reset of admin password for a Win2K machine (WHY do people NOT manage their passwords? Guy’s locked out of his machine and all he needs is an admin PW to set things right. Doesn’t have it. AND has lost his Win2K CD… *sigh* He’ll just have to live w/o his computer for now, is all I can say.)

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