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And now, “We Need to Stop Pussyfootin’ Around, Folks

Just this week, I have read on otherwise Right-thinking blogs evidence that Islamic terrorists and terrorist-enablers are winning the war of words, the war of the mind.

Let me give you three paraphrased examples of lies about Islam that are far too widely accepted and even given byes by those who ought to know better (and no, I’ll not spefically name bloggers, cos that would be an unecessary embarrassment to them, IMO).

Mohammed taught that coercion of belief is not right, quoting Mohammed in Surah 88:21-22 as saying his god had told him coercion of belief was not his task, was wrong, BUT Mohammed’s entire life was an example teaching violence, murder, rape and enslavement as a means to expanding the rule of Islam. Who is the true follower of Mohammed? The one who follows what Mohammed said or the one who follows what he showed his followers to do?

The question answers itself.

Another blogger has said that if Islam is to legitimize itself as a religion that it ought to purge itself of the elements who do violence against non-combatants (commit terrorist acts) in the name of allah. But to do that would be to purge Islam of Mohammed! And once Islam has purged itself of the most brutal, violent, vicious and evil example it has (Mohammed) what do they have left? His testimony as the prophet of his allah would then be invalidated, and there could be no Islamic religion!

Another talked of moderate Muslims dealing with the “radicals” in Islam (missing the point that the so-called “radicals” are only honestly and openly following the true example of their prophet *sigh*). The myth of so-called “moderate Muslims” is particularly pernicious, because it assumes that, in this war, we can trust anything that someone claiming Islam is a peaceful religion says.

Balderdash! Quite apart from the fact that al-taqiyah (so-called “holy deception”) is really taught as a hard and fast RULE by only one major sect of the Islamic cult, ALL Muslims honor the “victories” won by “holy deception” as practiced by Mohammed at Mecca, Medina and throughout his life, whenever he didn’t have enough force at hand to compel unbelievers in his cultic pronouncements to submit.

Treachery, lies and all manner of deciet were not only specifically taught by Mohammed, as recorded in the Koran, as good to practice against dar ul harb (the ‘houe of war”–anyone who was/is not a Muslim), such practices are also perfectly in harmony with the example of his life.

How then can one trust a soi disant “moderate Muslim” who claims, against the record of the Koran, the history of Islam from Mohammed to the present and the evidence of our own eyes when we see Muslims rioting on demand today when such “moderate Muslim” claims that Islam is a “religion of peace”?

Such people lie. And we need to call them on it, over and over and over again. And we need to pressure congresscritters, newsreaders, PRESIDENTS and anyone else who does not challenge these lies.

These sorts of lies, left unchallenged to seep into our own vocabulary of ideas, can poison our own thinking with the reality-unchained fantasies of the Loony Left.

This must not pass unchallenged.

Sidebar/rabbit trail(?): I have yet to discover one single thing of value that the Islamic culture has PRODUCED. Sure, like magpies, Arabs found the shiny baubles of algebraic geometry in the wreckage of the Library(ies) of Alexandria ordered burned by the Caliph of Alexandria in 641. Invent algebra? Found it in one of the manuscripts that survived the last burning and centuries later began using it for… astrology, and darned near nothing else (it took Kepler, Copernicus, Newton and others to build anything useful on the Greeks’ algebraic geometry, and Newton did what NO Arab astrologer would ever have thought to do—or been able to do, for that matter—invented calculus).

(N.B.–the Greeks did build on earlier algebraic uses in Babylon and Egypt, and it was the Greek development that caused the use of algebra in India–missed in their magpie looting by the Arabs… )

“Arabic” numerals and “zero”? Another shiny bauble used and developed by the Brahmins of India around 2,500 2,700 years before the Arabs brought back Brahmin records using the tools in the 8th Century A.D… and sat on them, virtually un-used and unknown, for 300 years. Meanwhile, simultaneously with Arabs passing this shiny magipie-picked bauble on in trade, the same numeral system found its way to Europe through another Indo-European route, and was growing in acceptance and use while Al-Biruni, the well-known scholar in Baghdad, wrote in the eleventh century that Arabs were stilll using letters to represent numbers, as they had since they started scratching goat bones a few hundred years before.

And so it goes with every significant “contribution” of Islamic societies, apart from hate, violence, mass murder, mutilation and misogyny: NOT ONE positive contribution was PRODUCED by these societies, but rather rag-picked from booty, looted from crushed peoples or simply found by chance among things earlier Muslims had attempted to destroy.

Islam’s an ideology that does not deserve respect, has not earned a place in the public arena, and indeed has earmed the opprobrium of all peoples of good intent. Deride, chastise or boldly refute all Islamic apologists, but do not, whatever you do, give place to their lies.

Only when we recognize Islam as not only an enemy of the West but indeed an enemy of mankind, of all that is right and moral and good, will we be able to clearly and effectively prosecute the war on Islamic terrorism by not only going after and killing or shutting down the direct (honest and open followers of The Butcher of Medina) actors but also shutting the fifth-columnists—the so-called “moderate Muslim” decievers—undermining the West from within down by openly and honestly refusing to allow their lies to go unchallenged.

(N.B.: there are at least two other classes of “Muslims” within th world of Islam, and each of these classes deserve our help, in different ways and to different degrees. “Cultural Muslims” who are not true believers but are simply embedded in the culture and “go along to get along” and those who have been coerced by force, threat of force or threat of death into calling themselves believers and practicing the forms of Islam–each of these need for the West to stand up to Islamic despots, liars and brutes.

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28 Replies to “OTA Weekend Open Post/We Need to Stop Pussyfootin’ Around, Folks”

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  2. I’m placing this addendum in comments in hopes of finding someone like “Numb-to-truth”?who has posted some hilarious illustrations of Muslim stupidity, cupidity and decietfulness in response to some of my other posts?might get caught here, too.

    Here’s a contrast for you: any person or persons who engaged in the deliberate mass murder of non-combatants, not as collateral damage in a legitimate war, but simply as a means of cowardly hitting back at military targets by killing NON-military targets; who compounded those acts with rape, mutilation, individual acts of brutality including beheadings of non-combatants, etc., could NEVER legitimately claim to be a follower of the Carpenter of Nazareth.

    OTOH, anyone engaging in those acts could legitimately claim to be a follower of the Butcher of Medina…

    And that’s the contrast even today between a Western culture strongly influenced by Christian ethics which have, for example, elevated women, worked to eliminate slavery, and promoted freedoms for its citizens and the Islamic world where misogyny, slavery and oppression are the norm, in compliance with the life and teachings of its prophet.

    Further addendum, a “revised and extended” version of my comments in the post. *heh*

    There is one class of “Muslim” I did not mention in the post. That class comprises the very few who genuinely claim to be moderate voices and disingenuously claim to be Muslims. Disingenuously? Yes, of course. Examine the actual teachings and example of Mohammed and these moderate voices claiming to be Muslims are no more disciples of Mohammed than Unitarians are disciples of Christ. That is to say, if you eviscerate the Koran, whitewash and virtually eliminate the life and teachings of the Butcher of Medina and then say, “This bowdlerized Koran, this islam without its founder is the true Islam” then, sure these are Muslims.

    But you’d see their heads rolling in the mud made by their lifeblood if and or when true followers of the Butcher of Medina got their hands on them.

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  5. Nice. Kudos on a splended review of the non-contributions attributed to a culture which used but did not actually invent them. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) talks in great and interesting detail about these and other myths (and some uncomfortable truths). Definitely worth a read if you haven’t already.

  6. TY, RY.

    And thanks for the ref to PIGI. Haven’t seen it, just have recollections from past readings, classes, etc. It’s amazing what one can learn when allowed to not only take a class in Missle Eastern Archaeology from a respected practitioner in the field, but (as a non-major, a dabbler) welcomed into informal bull sessions with him and his “real” students…


    Some of the stuff just sticks. Even 30 years later, it seems as fresh as yesterday, sometimes. M.E. history is an amazing field.

    And the algebra/numbers bit. Heh. Fibonacci fascinated me for a while, so the “Arabic” numeral/algebra thing was a natural to recall: so many different avenues for reinforcing memories.

    I’m a magpie, too… 🙂

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  9. Thanks for coming by and reading about a “Soldier Unfairly Punished”. We need to get the word out and get it out fast how unfairly as you put it in your comment “the good guys” are truly being treated.

    I appreciated your point of views and do most certainly agree with you wholeheartedly.

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