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Keep that four-syllable Koine word in mind for a while, ‘K?

Krishna at A Deeper Look has some useful references for understanding the lies of Islam. First, he points to “Muhammad’s Dead Poets Society”, an article at The American Thinker that refutes the lie that Mohammend was a model of forgiveness and kindness in his response to critics. The piece is a laundry list of brutality and intolerance, so typical of the Muslim world throughout history, up to the present time.

Then there is Ten Myths About Islam, a piece at Study to Answer.Net. Hmmm… the piece seems to list ONLY ten myths… How about more?

OK: Liberty and Cluture has a wealth of links to more lies by and about Islam, as well as other information about the cult of barbaric savagry, slavery, mutilation, torture and death disingenuously called “a religion of peace” by its adherents and by useful idiots and disingenuous fifth columnists in the West.

Now, back to “diabolos”…

I have an easy time labeling Islam as a Satanic cult for one very simple reason. The Koine Greek word used in the New testament when Jesus tells the Pharisees “you are of your father, the Devil” is diabolos. (Lest anyone think the Aramaic or even Hebrew Jesus may have actually spoken in would have changed things, Satan–a transliterated Hewbrew word shared in cognate form with Aramaic–and with modern Arabic, for that matter–means the same thing as diabolos.)

So what does diabolos–NOT translated but merely transliterated from the Koine mean?

It means liar, false accuser, traducer, all primary–even fundamental–characteristics of Islam and its practitioners.

Read the linked material referenced above. Do your own digging, your own homework: from its inception, folling close after its founder’s own habitual practices and teachings, Islam has been a cult of lies and its truest practitioners habitual, unashamed, blatant, even proud liars.

And its practitioners closely follow the liar Mohammed in continual, habitual, characteristic misrepresentations, twisting of truth, denial of fact, false accusation and other outright lies.

Muslims are,by nature and deliberate practice, of their father, the Devil, children of Satan, liars.

Tacking this thesis on the door at Freedom Watch, Blue Star Chronicles, TMH’s Bacon Bits.

[Note: for those of y’all who read Koine, don’t rag me about diacritical markings. I don’t happen to have a decent Koine font on this computer, so… :-)]

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  1. Heh, my dear wife might have tagged you on the diacriticals, had you not added yer wee note. 😉

    Well… alrightythen. Looks like this post was meant for me. My you are a font of information, David! I appreciate the festival of links and will ruminate on them in due course… and continue to read Spencer’s Non-PC Guide to Islam.

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  3. I don’t know how this has anything to do with that but I’ve recently started rereading Roots and in the beginning there’s a vivid description of the time before harvest when some people in the village have to die of hunger even though there are lots of wild boars around they can’t eat because they’re all Muslims. Not the pigs, the villagers 😉 I JUST got up. That seems pretty diabolic to me.

  4. BTW, for the asshat who left a comment (caught in my SPAM filters, where it mercifully died) about my “spelling” of diabolos, it’s nice to know you can’t read English. Or else couldn’t be bothered to read the “note” at the end.

    It’s also nice to know you have such a limited grasp of Koine that you have no grasp of the interchangeability of two forms of one letter… or that there are (minor, to be sure, but they are there) examples of the letter’s use in exactly the way I was forced to do by the fonts installed on the computer I composed the post on.

    For those of y’all who have no idea what this is all about, be thankful I have spared you another asshat comment.

    (BTW, asshat: you’ll ALWAYS get caught in the filters as long as you keep leaving fake email addresses. And now your IP has been identified to Askimet as a SPAM source. Happy trails!)

    Oh, and btw, asshat, the capital delta you used would almost never have been used in first century Koine in the manner in which you used it. Dumbass.

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