What is it with "feminists"?!

(While David is dealing with tornado-inflicted ISP issues, he asked me to help him out by cross-posting the occasional article. I wrote this one up this morning, and thought his readers would find it interesting. Enjoy… And I hope things get fixed soon, David!)

This past weekend, the Cotillion Ladies were buzzing about a general topic to post on this week, and the general consensus was the insanity and hypocracy running rampant through the moonbat legions of die-hard *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp*.

Now, I am all for equal job/equal pay, I believe that men and women should be given respect and courtesy in equal amounts, and I don’t believe discrimination based on gender is acceptable. Therefore, I suppose you could call me a “feminist” of sorts, and I’m sure a lot of other women would sign on to that definition. However, we’re not discussing “feminists,” we’re talking about *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp*.

It is my considered opinion that these females are no credit to womenkind at all. Frankly, when you get absolute insanity like the Vagina Monologues from these moonbats, how can you really take any of them seriously? C’mon… talking vaginas? On Valentine’s Day? As a symbol of female empowerment? Good grief, how can it be empowering when you reduce a woman to her sexual organs?

It makes me wonder whether these *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp* have seen the progress women have made in the last decades. It is no longer assumed that women will stay home, barefoot and pregnant – most women are encouraged to go out and have fulfilling careers, and it’s only the very un-PC and clueless guy that derides the career woman’s choice.

However, on the other hand, for a long while mothers were scorned and marginalized because they weren’t going out and striking a blow for the *gasp* FEMINISTS’ *gasp* issues. There is still a little frisson of shame when, in reply to an inquiry about my job, I say, “I’m a wife and a mother.”

Why? I am the one who keeps the house running – providing a clean, healthy, warm and loving place for my husband and daughter. I am the one who is Chief Advisor to my husband, offering advice and counsel, support and comfort. I am the one who teaches our daughter that she can do anything she wants if she’s willing to work hard and use her head. I am the one who educates and guides and feeds and nurtures and cherishes my famiy. I am the heart of my family, when it comes down to it, and I am proud to be so.

If *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp* are all about empowering women, why are women getting breast implants (hey, I’d prefer a reduction – I’d be happy to donate! [rolls eyes]) and vagina-lifts?? How crazy is that?! How does encouraging women to have sex with each and any reatively acceptable guy she comes across help empower her? How does pornography, and bearing your breasts in public to protest something help advance the cause of women? It simply goes back to that archaic stereotype – that women are simply sexual objects, and that if they want to get something, they must use their SEX to get it.

That seems very backward to me.

What about the other side of the coin? How about how the *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp* and their agenda dismisses men? In their wordview, men are either total incompetants, unworthy of being husbands and fathers and leaders, or men are opressive, totalitarian monsters dedicated to supressing women and crushing their potential. Hey, there are some men like that… and they’re mostly Muslim! Why haven’t the *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp* been loudly outraged about the barbaric treatment of women in Islam? Why won’t the *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp* stand with their (supposed) sistren in Islam to decry the cruel and unfair treatment like clitorectomies, honor killings, forced marriages, denied schooling and work, required chaperonage, inability to drive or vote, forced submission… I don’t see any push against this sort of treatment by any of the Looney Moonbats who call themselves *gasp* FEMINISTS *gasp*, do you?

Anyway, which is it, women? Are men imbeciles or monsters? Realistically, men are just like women: some are good and smart and kind, others are bad and dumb and cruel, and others are somewhere in between… And, believe me, men and women each have their own faults – why don’t we women take the log out of our own eye before we go trying to pick out the speck in the men’s eye, hmmmm?

When it comes down to it, men and women are each individual persons (ik, I hate that useage, but you know what I mean). Let’s try to treat each other like the unique individuals we are, stop with the passive “Oh, poor little me” syndrome, and buckle down and get some work done. ‘Cause believe me, honey, if you aren’t willing to stiffen the upper lip, stop playing the sex card, and be self-reliant, you’re just going to reduce yourself to being a little toy on someone’s arm, and that gets no one anywhere.

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