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Yeh, this is a roundup of posts and articles that have caught my interest this week, as well as an open trackback post ALL WEEKEND LONG. Link this post and track back—N.B. SpamKarma 2 flags trackbacks that do not link as spam, so don’t blame me if your tb doesn’t show up. It also sometimes registers a few false positives, so I still eyeball things and do restore tbs when I think SK2 is wrong.

Enough of that. Here’s my roundup of SOME of the posts and articles that have caught my eye recently.

Two from Woody at Woody’s News and Views: Clash of Civilizations? Nah…. If you missed my earlier roundup mentioning this interview with Wafa Sultan, an American p-sych, or Woody’s trackback listing Wednesday, get yourself over there and catch his link to the video! NOW!

And this one, also from Woody: The Real Simpsons. Color me amused.

Catch this Derbyshire column. There will be a test (but it’s a real life test, graded by Reality, as your grandchildren live out the society we bequeath them… )

Sauce for the goose: “Roe v. Wade” for Men? get the skinny at heh

Don Surber offers this kinda, slightly off-color NSFW video (alternate link here, if it doesn’t load properly at the first link). I think Don needs his eyes checked. He thought it was a car commercial… *heh*

Diane thinks the subject of this lil video is reason to NOT want her as a neighbor. I demur, but YMMV. (Of course, the subject of that video also awakened her at 2 this a.m. and prevented further sleep, so maybe she has a point… :-))

Romeocat tipped me to this GREAT interview of David Berlinksi (Google David Berlinski.) BRIEF excerpt from the interview:

It’s not that easy to say what Darwinism amounts to, but then again, it was never easy to say what Marxism amounted to either. If you look at Marxists journals from the 1930s, the party line shifted all the time, so much so that in the 1940s, Stalin had to sit down and write an account of the principles of socialism. It reads very much like a high-school textbook in biology – a very sophisticated high-school textbook, of course. The real mark of an ideological system is its presumptuousness. There is nothing it cannot explain by means of a few trite ideas. Why is romantic love a sign of bourgeois decadence, Comrade? Because, Comrade, it represents a form of false consciousness. In Darwinism, natural selection has displaced such old standbys as false consciousness or the class struggle, Comrade. You don’t mind if I call you Comrade? It’s the least I can do ….

*heh* I can hardly wait for Part II of the interview to be posted…

On a tip from a contributor to Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor Musings, “Antarctic ice: the Cold Truth” burns a huge hole in the myth of shrinking Antarctic ice and concommittant rising sea levels. Just read the whole thing.

Why I wish America would move to third world countyâ„¢–metaphysically speaking. We don’t really have room for alla y’all here, physically. *heh* (This is also posted here, but juuuust in case ya missed it, this links to the posting at The Wide Awakes. :-))

Best of the Web has an interesting take on Hillary’s embrace of her “angry” character… Excerpt:

Hillary’s pride in being described as angry will doubtless endear her to the Angry Left, but unless the majority of Americans are at least as angry as she is, it will not broaden her appeal.

“…at least as angry as she is…” AND about the same things she (pretends?) seems to be angry about.

Well, there are a lot more that I’ve found interesting, Including this one from Rick, a serious *cough* piece about Saint Fu Lin Acrimonious D’Ialogue from Kender and posts from Blue Star Chronicles (Beth is moving, folks! Check it out!), her sis at The Median Sib and typically insightful posts such as this one from The English Guy, but… I’ll just have to cut this roundup off somewhere.

Link to this post and track back so I can have a ready-made reading list for the weekend, OK?

Making roll call at blue Star Chronicles.

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