What to bring to a counter-protest

[N.B. this is a re-run of a post from September 29, 2005 at the “old” TWC, written for that week’s Precision Gided Humor Assignment.]

The Precision Guided Humor Assignment for this week is, “What should you bring with you to protest an anti-war rally?”

When you think about it for a second or three, that’s really a silly question. Who’s going to see your protest of the “protest”? Self-made idiots of the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade there to celebrate their braindead embrace of anti-war rhetoric, Mass Media Podpeople (also self-made idiots) or people who already agree that the other two classes of creatures that may once have been human are now devolved or replaced by Podpeople from the planet “Reality-Based Fantasia”. The first two classes of beings will not be impacted at all by your protest and the latter class have lives to live, people to feed, bills to pay, etc., and have little time for such foolishness.

If, however, you want to spend some time viewing barking moonbats in their natural habitat for pleasure or education, here are a few of the items you MUST take with you:

A good gas mask.  It’s the stench of unwashed bodies, you know.

MilitarypatchSome heavy-duty insect repellent. Lice, fleas, etc. on unwashed moonbats. (Oh, and the rest of the gear pictured might not be such a bad idea, either. Barking moonbats have been known to throw hissy-fits, and they scratch and bite something fierce.)

You might consider having one of these standing by, as well, a Mobile Topical Applicator and Inhabitant Delouser:
And even with a gas mask, you may well need one of these:barf-bag

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