Head ’em up…

…move ’em out!

Yet another roundup of a few posts and articles that have caught my eye recently around and about.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! Homeland Security REALLY needs to look into THIS!!!

Male Whales Beach Selves Instead of Asking Directions is actually just the first short squib in The Cretan Times section of the current Credenda Agenda.

Oscars for Osama, Charles Krauthammer’s latest column, spurred this thought (with some help from Lovely Daughter): Isn’t it eerie how much Julia Roberts looks like Oaama bin Laden (and vice versa)? Is there a connection we don’t know about? Could it be that we can’t find Osama because Julia Roberts is Osama??? We’ll not get close enough to tug on Osama’s beard any time soon, I fear, so perhaps someone who’s better with Photoshop than I wouldn’t mind putting a beard on Julia along with a little dark pancake… Oh, well, maybe it’s just my mind’s eye being decieved because my ear hears so much similarity in their speech… Still, I’m pretty sure the small differences in the nose area can be easily accomplished with an appliance.


While we’re in the moose-limb woods, how about Abagav’s “Overheard at a funeral”? The “dearly departed” being mourned died in a “work related accident”. No OSHA for Palestinians, I guess.

A very interesting “guest post” and analysis, “Peace Studies” Protester Speaks, at Rhymes With Right. It effectively hilights, IMO, the clear differences between the faux liberalism of the left today and a more genuine, classic liberalism. Worth a read.

Lucifer’s Hammer, anyone? More interesting posts (like this one) at Chaos Manor Musings. Other letters to Dr. Pournelle led to…

An article by John Derbyshire on “Hesperophobia” that was spiked by NRO, as well as a commentary by Steve Sailer that sharpens the focus a bit. Both elightening abd thought-provoking non-pc articles exploring the question, Why do so many hate the West, and especially the U.S.? Must-reads, IMO.

And this also from Dr. Pournelle’s site, Sex and Mathematics. Commonsense from a mathematician on the so-called “gender gap” in academia. Non-pc, of course.

Being Sued for Bathing. Read the whole thing. Personally, I think the gal being sued should countersue and demand the folks suing her stop getting any older and stupider. Works for me.

ABC: Scare Tactics Good When Used by Liberals on Global Warming. So, let me get this right… It’s OK for the “news” readers to lie to us? This is news? Anyone with two brain cells with actively firing synapses knew this when Dan Blather wasn’t fired…

‘S’all for now.

Sneaking ants into the picnic over at Basil’s, breaking early for Spring at Rhymes with Right and playing the “Rant with Sam” game at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns.

3 Replies to “Head ’em up…”

  1. Usama, Osama, Oaama whatever… and Julia Hoolia. Separated at birth. Hmmm.

    I’m thinking… Richard Gere is starting to look more and more like Saddam to me.
    (Saddam’s locks are dyed, didja know?)

    So, who’s gonna direct the movie? A definite mainstream Hollywood number, dramatically showing the clear and convincing evidence that al Qaeda and Saddam were in bed together. I see Meathead Reiner jumping at the opportunity.

    Title suggestions anyone?

  2. The elderly couple are now suing Ms. Peterson citing ?reckless and negligent use of her bathtub.????
    Good grief David..that IS one for the books!
    What CANT pple sue for?

  3. Hmmm…. I think that movie’s already been made, TMH. Osama insisted it be called “Pretty Lady” (so we know s/he doesn’t always get everything s/he wants)…

    Angel, I expect next to hear of someone suing to get blood from a turnip.

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