My Dream Job

Just talking with Lovely Daughter on the phone. We came up with my dream job.

Getting paid to irritate people.


Alas! there are no job openings at the DMV…

UPDATE: Thanks to a perspicacious suggestion in comments by LomaAlta, I have decided that an IT position with the Post Office would afford me the best opportunity to irritate the gratest number of people. I shall therefore endeavor to obtain such a position. The only fly in the ointment is that I fear the very position I seek has already been filled by someone with greeater talent irritating people than I possess…

Looking for help from a Higher Life Form at Ferdy’s place while checking for runoff at Mental Rhinorrhea where—BE WARNED—unless you wanna be struck blind you’d best not look at the picture of BB…

2 Replies to “My Dream Job”

  1. David:
    If the DMV is full up, have you considered the IRS? How about the post office?
    Wouldn’t you just love to be there with a window open facing a long line of
    people and put up the “window closed” sign then stand there and talk to
    a co-worker for 15 min before you took your break? That ought to make you
    feel good about having irritated people.

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