Just had the book(s) thrown at me…

Yeh, I’m a sucker. Everybody knows they can tag me with these faux “memes” (what I like to call blogosphere meme pool games) that’re really just a way of showing that this blogging thing is really a game for networking and gettin’ to know one another. As I always say, folks who take themselves too seriously to play these things are probably just too dull for words.

Even a curmudgeon like me will play the things.

(OK, I’ll admit it: some folks really do have more important things to do. But they are few and far between.)

Here’s the deal Random Yak tagged me with, the big ox:

Name the book or books you are currently reading or about to start, by title and genre.

Gee… I usually have at least one or two that I have to take in small bites and digest and zip through a few lighter things on the side–usually novels of various genres.

The Founders Constitution. Politics/history. No surprise to anyone who’s been around here regularly in the last month or so. I find I have to stop, look up ancilliary resources and chase down historical rabbit trails quite often. I expect this one to take a while, cos I also keep going back and reviewing previous sections in light of later portions. Interesting read.

Improbable Light semi-sci-fi/sorta thriller/action that plays with Heisenberg, quantum theory, Budhism and a lot of semi-mystical nonsense, but has to be far better fiction than the silly Butterfly Effect had to have been (I refuse to watch a film with Ashton Kucher in a lead role) by at least a couple of orders of magnitude. Still, someone needs to explain to the author that people who’ve just busted their kneecap don’t go running around the countryside on makeshift splints… (serious suspension of disbelief issue there)

The Psalms. Yup, those. Written by folks who know what it’s like to struggle with one’s place in the world.

A Man of Means DeLIGHTful fiction. Six stories by P.G. Wodehouse. Who? Oh, the finest novelist of the twentieth century. Seriously. He wrote stories. The heart of a goof, but when he wrote of “bumblebees fooling about in the flowerbed” as a little toss-off in an already brilliant descriptive narative, he hooked me for life. Farcical and convoluted plots, memorable characters (who, having once met him, could forget Psmith?), sparkling dialog: all combine with Wodehouse’s descriptive narative to make absolutely delightful wastes of time that… turn out not to be wastes after all, because he lifts the spirit and leaves ones loads lighter after a good dose of his prose.

Nothing much else right now except for some technical junk that I need to wade through.

Now, who to tag… who to tag… Yak didn’t say what number should be tagged, so I’m going to tag a few and then send off a coupla emails to folks. I’ll follow up with “formal” tags as an update here…

Tagged Angel over at Woman Honor Thyself and she’s already responded with TaG!..Yikes I wasn’t fast enuf.

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