Monday Open Post/Olympics? What Olympics?

OK, so yeh, I watched 5 mins of curling (that’s a sport? An athletic competition? Why not “Ice TiddlyWinks”?) and the last group of women figure skaters—I dunno why…


Just more non-participatory mind-(and butt-)numbing.

But RandomYak sure enjoyed the heck outa the stuff. Different strokes.

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18 Replies to “Monday Open Post/Olympics? What Olympics?”

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  2. LOL John was discussing this at the dinner table last night. He has the same take on it as you do. I think figure skating rates as a valid Olympic sport though. I’d like to see Bruce Jenner do a triple axle. LOL

  3. Well, Olympic/competitive figure skating is athletic all right. But as a “sport” I’d rate it as not so much.

    Let’s see… do football players get extra points for “artistry”? How about basketball, baseball or hockey?

    OK, maybe hockey.


    And that’s another thing about figure skating that does bother me a tad. When are figure skaters gonna learn how to do choreography? I mean, really. They often pick (or, ok, their coaches pick) great music for them to skate to and then they just go out and do “stuff” on the ice that has nothing whatever to do with the music.

    And that’s often the “best” skaters. (OK, the top two women’s skaters did moderately OK on that score–heh–this time. If they were dancers, I’d have given them a “C” for interpretation.)

    If it’s going to be an athletic competition, let it be an athletic competition. As it is, it’s neither fish nor fowl.

    *sigh* Now, if luge competitors had to do their thing to a chosen musical accompaniment and get points for artistry…

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  7. Thanks, Jake. When taken with your trackback, I assume you mean a Turkey “bastige” (otherwise known as “baster”). If I assume incorrectly, I’m sure you’ll let me know…


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  13. I think Sasha Cohen and Michelle Kwan do quite good choreography (Sasha was off when she performed her free skate, catch the short program and you’ll see better)…although I’ll admit I am taken with Ice Dancing now. It is so much more interesting! The footwork passes called “twizzles” are great fun to watch. Most standard figure skating lacks anything to keep me interested…jump, element, element,wait for it…jump.

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