A Real Mac PC

When Apple chose (or was compelled by fabbers and market forces, take your choice) to begin producing a “Mac” using an Intel chipset, the handwriting was on the wall. Sure, Apple chose to use an “elilo” (Intel compatible extensible linux bootloader) instead of the usual BIOS routine, in order to attempt to lock other OSes out of installation and use on the Intel-based “Mac,” but who really expected that to be a barrier for long?

The Apple “Mactel” barrier has fallen. According to this article on Linux Watch, Edgar ‘Gimli’ Hucek has the title of being the first to boot Linux on a “Mactel” computer. Can there be any doubt that running Windows apps via WINE can be far behind?

The only fly in the ointment this observer can see is this: why spend extra to get a “Mactel” in order to ditch the expensive Apple OS for a better or more familiar platform, when purchasing (or building) a computer with similar (or better) hardware and installing the OS of one’s choice can be done for less to begin with?

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